Still shots from Susie's video "Painting Roses! in Watercolor"
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With the group watching Susie paints a full sheet watercolor (22" x 30") of beautiful
roses using traditional wet-in-wet watercolor techniques. The setting is relaxed and
casual. Susie even kicks off her shoes while she paints and answers many basic
watercolor  questions from the other artists and painters in the audience.

Susie says,
"It was my goal to show you how I painted this rose painting from start to
finish, and try not do any work behind the scene or off camera - other than drying
time.  So this video is a full 105 minutes long with very little editing  to the actual
painting elements"
Painting Roses! in Watercolor

In her DVD video Painting Roses!  Watercolor Artist and Instructor Susie Short, shares
her unique approach to painting. On a Sunday afternoon, Susie invited a group of  
fellow watercolorists to an informal recording session.
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Hi Susie,
First I want to say that your video is very well done.  Congratulations to you for the successful painting demonstration.  For
starters you have such a great personality and your voice is so sweet, I love your voice, it's so very feminine and soothing to
listen to,  and the demonstration itself was so well executed!  You are very clear about exactly  what you are doing and why you
are doing it.  The up close shots and details of how you are doing your roses make it possible to really see how it is you are
accomplishing the different layers and aspects of the whole painting and how you get it to come together.  And all the pointers
and tips on colors and how you are using them really makes the whole video awesome.  I am so pleased with it. Blessings! --LU
I just had the pure pleasure of enjoying Susie's video that arrived today at my mailbox!  Susie you are a natural on camera, and I am
ready to purchase the next in your series.  
This is really fascinating to me, the rose just starts happening right before your eyes.  Really really beautiful how you've shown this
painting step by step.  I'm anxious to paint along with you while I watch it again tomorrow.  Congratulations Susie, it's such a great
success... DT/Washington
Susie, we watched your video this afternoon and it is marvelous. Showing how you start and how you build each
flower, carefully, Adding the negatives really pop out the areas. Having little puddles of color, unmixed is a great
idea and your patience with building the picture is delightful to watch. --JM/Colorado
Hi Susie,
I picked up my rose video at the post office yesterday and had to immediately come home and watch it through in its entirety. Wow!
It was first a pleasure to hear your spoken word for the first time (you speak like a lot of my Texas relatives and friends). Secondly it
was amazing to watch you while you created those roses.
I hope to be able to have your entire collection of videos as they are available, we will have to see how many paintings I can sell. This
year has been an expensive one for me with art room furniture and supplies, North Light book temptations and now your videos!
Great job on this video, it was professionally done but not so slick as to take away from your natural warmth. If you ever get down to
the Phoenix area for a workshop, please put me on the list of people to notify....I will take vacation days from work if need be!
Congratulations on this video, it is a real winner! --SR/Arizona
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Reviews for Painting Roses!
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