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All of my Watercolor Tips are designed to help others learn more about watercolor.
Permission is granted to download and/or print any of the lessons found on my
watercolor tips page(s) for the expressed purpose of learning watercolor technique.
It is not OK to use my tips for any other purpose.

Reproduction or duplication
for financial gain is strictly forbidden.

If you like my tips and want to share them with others please feel free to link to my site.
DO NOT reproduce my watercolor tips (in whole or in part) to any other web site or web page.

If you are an art teacher or art instructor and would like to use any of my lessons for your classes,
please contact me to obtain written permission prior to any use.
Consider this a professional courtesy.
All I ask is that you agree to give me credit and don't make any changes
or modify the written instructions.

I also ask that the copyright statement remain intact.
(Like this: © 2000-2011   Susie Short Studio LLC  All Rights Reserved.)
This site is maintained by Susie Short Studio LLC ~~ Please report broken links to: susie@susieshort.net
As a viewer to this web site access does not grant you the right to reproduce any of the contents
(this includes both my images and my written text in whole or in part)
for any purpose and
does not grant permission, or transfer copyright, or license reproductions rights.

Absolutely no image usage is permitted without
specific written permission from Susie Short,
Susie Short Studio LLC.

Any unauthorized usage is in violation of Copyright Law and is strictly prohibited.
This site was designed to share my knowledge and love for watercolor with you the viewer.
Use my tips and apply them to your own paintings but please don't steal my original work.
If you want to print and use any of my watercolor tips for
personal educational non-profit purposes
please read and follow my terms and conditions for use.