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VISITORS        Thanks for looking!
I appreciate the wonderful comments and positive feedback on this video. I've shared some below.
Stroll with Susie through a
garden of irises before she
takes you into her studio to
paint this beautiful flower.
She starts by transferring a
drawing from one of her
digital photographs to a piece
of 11"x 15" (quarter sheet)
watercolor paper. Using
traditional wet-in-wet
watercolor techniques she
demonstrates how she paints
this iris painting from start to
Susie's easy to follow
step-by-step instructions
make this video very user
friendly for watercolorists of
all skill levels. No drawing
experience is required.

Susie's Supply List and links
to Reference Photos are

This DVD Video is over
110 minutes in length with
extra footage of the Iris
Garden following the
watercolor instruction.
I spent the best part of my afternoon watching Susie's iris video.  This video has so much information packed into it--SO
much--that I kept stopping and rewinding just to catch the action of the brush. And to listen to Susie think her way through the
Just when I thought I'd seen all her tricks--she'd pull out a new one.  This one's a keeper, for sure.

How does she paint an iris? Let me count the ways.....
I just finished watching Susie's newest tape on Iris video...It is absolutely wonderful!  I definitely recommend this to everyone!  I
have learned so much on painting not only Iris's but any flower for that matter.  This definitely is one of my favorite videos
Susie!  You did a fantastic job on both the gorgeous Iris that you painted and also the video itself because you have explained
and showed it so well!  
Whats next????   Thank You,
PR/New York
Your video came out terrific. Lots of great close-up shots.
Beautiful beginning w/ you in the garden.Slow step by step instructions for beginners.
Full development of the ptg. shown w/out much done behind the scenes.
Complete explanations of all that you did.
LF/ Texas
I received your video tape on the Iris and I wanted to compliment you on the superb job you did with painting the picture, but
more importantly on the detail you explained - every stroke was well documented and why.
Your patience is beyond me..........wonderful painting you did.
We watched it yesterday and I gave your video to my artist friend who paints and loves painting flowers, especially iris and
Thanks again,
Hi Susie!
My videos arrived this afternoon!  Yea!  I watched the iris video and it was so much fun watching you paint - just like being at a
workshop, only better because I've got a much better view.  It really helps to watch you work and see how you mix your paints
on the pallet, how much water you use, and how you soften your edges with a brush dampened with water.  Thank you so
much for making these videos.  I just hope that you will do a whole series of them with other flowers.  I'm not going to have time
to paint until after the 4th of July as we have too many family things going on, but can hardly wait to try a painting.  You make it
look so easy, but I'm sure it will take a lot of practice to paint an iris that I will be proud of!

You took the words right out of my mouth.  Ditto on every word.  I love having the videos to watch Susie paint.  They will help
us a lot for review when we finally start painting a picture.  It nice to have a video, because you can play part over if you didn't
get it or remember how she did it.
Just got Susie's video in the mail today and was so excited to view it.  However, I had to go to work so I put it in the VCR and
saw it.........FAST FORWARD!!  (Susie, you really fly when you paint!!)     LOL    I'll watch it again this weekend and then
THINK about painting.  It's unbelievable!!  The finished painting is awesome!  If I can do it half as good, I'd be a happy camper.
I am thrilled that I ordered it and highly recommend it to everyone!!
Susie, I got the video yesterday, watched it last night....this is one of the most detailed instructional art videos that I've seen.  I
love that it's mostly close-ups, and I can kind of tell the paint to water combo.  Kudos to you and your cameraman! --DA
Susie Short Studio
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Painting Iris! DVD by Susie Short
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Painting Iris! in Watercolor DVD / Video Workshop by Susie Short Watercolors
Painting Iris!
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