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Every watercolor artist has favored brushes that he or she
instinctively reaches for while painting.
Here's one of my favorite brushes!
It's a one inch "cutter-type" brush made from All Natural - Hand
Chiseled - White Hog Bristles. It's bristles measure 1 inch wide x 1/4
inch thick x approximately 1 3/4 inch in length.
Originally designed for the sign painting industry to 'cut in' sharp
edges when lettering, this brush works well with many watercolor
applications. It's a great sky brush and carries a good load to the
paper. When using drybrush techniques this brush makes excellent
grasses, bark, wood, foliage, and other textures.
GOOD NEWS! This brush was once on the verge of extinction
however, the nice folks at Daniel Smith Artist Materials
are now making  "Susie's Brush".  It is similar to the cutter brush
but made to my specifications!
This new version is worth it's weight in gold!
Indispensably Versatile!
Interesting Note about China Hog Bristle: It comes from hogs in different parts of the
world, but the very best comes from China. Hog bristle is different than any other natural
fiber, since it forms a V-shaped split or "flag" at the tip, and has a natural curve. This gives it
a resistance to fraying and it spreads paint smoothly.  Bristle is collected from combing,
shearing, or natural shedding. No animals are harmed in anyway.

Susie's WC Wash Brush
$15.99 (+ s/h)
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The "Susie Short" Chisel Tip Watercolor Wash Brush!
Manufactured by Daniel Smith Artist Materials
"It might look like a hardware store paint brush but it certainly doesn't paint like one!"
The Susie Short Chisel Tip Watercolor Wash Brush features:
-All Natural White Hog Bristles
-Turquoise Enamel Finished Wooden Handles
(with a white tip)
-Nickel Ferrules  (width - 1 inch )
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