Painting Hydrangeas in Watercolor ~
Using watermarks to create the blooms!
This simple painting
demonstrates how to paint a
group of flowers growing in a  
round cluster of blossoms  such
as the mop-head hydrangea.
1. Starting with wet juicy paint
on dry paper I painted the
illusion of the cluster by painting
the four petals of a flower shape
sided by side in a group or
cluster. Many of these shapes
intermingled and overlap the
shape next to it.

2. While it is still semi-wet to
damp, splatter or spritz or
splash clear water into the
painted petals. This creates the
most wonderful water marks or
"blooms". Now let it dry and let
the watercolor do it's thing.
Watermarks or
"blooms" are formed
by dropping clear water
into the blue painted
petal shapes.
When the paper is dry, pencil in the shapes using the blooms
created by the water drops. Then paint around them and blend
off. Some of the four petal shapes will be positive and some will
be negative. See more details for this step in the examples
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