Check List for Outdoor Workshops
Painting on Location / Outside / en Plein Air!
Watercolor Painting Gear:
Watercolor Travel Palette
( 7-12 of your favorite colors are usually sufficient)
3-4 favorite
2 rounds with good points (#8 - #10 or #12)
3/4" flat brush
1" wash brush (Susie's cutter brush)
***Optional choices might be the Niji Waterbarrel brushes (S-M-L)
paper divided into quarter sheets, watercolor block or watercolor
Paper support/ board with clips, clipboard, lapboard etc
Water and 2 plastic containers, 1 for clean water and 1 for rinsing brushes
(Many places have water available on site -- check to see if you need to carry in water.)
Watercolor Easel (Optional)  Some artists prefer to stand and paint at an easel while
others prefer
to use a TV tray or lap board and paint seated.
Umbrella (optional) for both sun and rain (white or neutral color)
Paper Towels
TP Blotter or sponge
Pencil and eraser
Notepad or sketchbook for field notes

Other gear to consider:
Camera and plenty of film
Drinking water
Sun Hat
Bug Spray
Trash Bag for soiled paper towels
Extra large leaf bag or trash bag to cover art gear in case of sudden showers
Old or inexpensive doormat to keep chair from sinking into soggy grass.
Insulated lunch box or small ice chest for cold drinks/water.
Lawn or beach chair/ tray side table
(on site picnic tables may or may not be available for our use)