Create unique greeting
cards using watercolors
painted directly on real
leaves. Start by using a
leaf as a stencil, dabble
paint with a dry brush or a
sponge to leave an outline
of the leaf to create a
textured background.  
Then, to use the leaf as a stamp, paint moistened but not drippy paint directly on the leaf itself.
Watercolor Greeting Cards made by using real leaves to stamp and stencil
   © 2002-2017 Susie Short Studio LLC                     
Susie Short's Watercolor tips
The underside of the leaf usually has better raised
veins for printing. Place the leaf paint side down on
your card and apply gentle pressure to transfer the
paint to the card.
Repeat this process until you have a composition
you like. Allow to printed leaf patterns to dry. Next,
fill in the stamped leaf pattern with warm autumn
Your cards will look like you spent hours painting in
the details!  Some leaves receive paint better than
others, so experiment with different leaves.
    Have fun!                      Susie